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Halo Fans Are Sending Pizza To 343 Industries

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is finally coming to PC and the internet went wild. PC fans all over resourced and all was good in the world. Even so much to where fans started sending pizza to 343 headquarters.

It all started when one excited halo fan went on a halo reddit to say he’d buy a 343 employee a pizza if they’d respond. And sure enough one did and he was Brain Jarrad who is the community director. Of course he wouldn’t turn down free pizza so he sent the address to send it too which was in Redmond Washington.

Jarrad went to twitter to share his excitement with the rest of the world. It is something so beautiful and funny the only way to properly tell this story is from the tweets he posted himself.

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It was really funny to see something like this play out. Because of pure happiness although it may of gotten a little out of hand. I’m sure 343 is very happy with all the feedback they got.

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