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Pokemon Files Trademark for Armored Mewtwo

The Pokemon Company has filed a trademark for an armored version of Mewtwo. This could be a big clue into the newest addition for the games Sword and Shield or could be a signal that we can expect to see a lot more Armored Mewtwo Merchandise in the near future.

Mewtwo is also set to appear in Detective Pikachu this May so it would seem that they will be using Mewtwo as a huge publicity icon. The first time they featured Mewtwo in marketing was when the first movie came out in 1999. I remember after that movie he was everywhere. There was also another DVD release of a movie called Mewtwo Returns but if you look that one up they sell for an exorbitant amount of money.

They are currently working on a remake of the first Pokemon movie where we fist saw Mewtwo in an armored suit. The suit was so that team rocket could keep his powers under control. Needless to say that failed horribly and he broke out and created havoc. Since they are working on the CGI version of this movie it would make sense that along with the movie coming out that we will begin to see a flood of toys featuring Mewtwo.

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Another possibility is that they are intending on creating armored versions of the Pokemon for Sword and Shield. This would make complete sense since the Galar region is based on English Territories and suits of armor are a rich part of their history. The thing about the patent is that they never trademarked the Mega Evolution for Mewtwo in X and Y so while this fits with the rumor of armored evolutions it’s a big maybe.

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