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Oscar Mayer Hiring for Wiener Mobile Drivers

One of the things I remember most is a commercial from 1998 of a kid singing the Oscar Mayer song. Walking down the sidewalk and forgetting how to spell Mayer he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a whistle. Blowing on it and summoning.. THE WIENER MOBILE!

If you ever thought about a career in public relations and marketing, but also really wanted to drive that hot dog car then you are in luck! Oscar Mayer is accepting applications until January 31st for it’s next round of Wiener Mobile drivers.

The job requirements are actually pretty extensive as they want to find some good people. Fresh college grads to be more precise. They are looking for someone with a BA or a BS preferably in Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, Communications or Advertising. It is 100% Travel and bi lingual applicants are encouraged to apply.

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The application details are actually pretty cute with all kinds of food puns so if you even want to check it out just for those, here it is.

Would you ever want to drive the Wiener Mobile? Know Someone who does? Tell us in the comments!

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