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5 Instant ‘Harry Potter’ Halloween Costumes

Want to have a Harry Potter inspired Halloween? It might be easier than you think! And we at Nerdbot are ready to help you. So whip out your wands and roll up your wizard sleeve, because we’re counting down our favorite (and easiest) Harry Potter costumes!


1) The Snuggie ‘House Robe’

Generously provided to us by (and modeled by the irresistible Scuba Steph) these Harry Potter Snuggie-style robes is the easiest way to represent your favorite house in absolute comfort. While Steph is wearing the Gryffindor variety, every house is available. So while the back of your robe may be suggestively open, you can still cast dark spells with the sass of a Slytherin.

It’ll Cost You: $19.99 for the Robe from


2) Harry Potter Himself

For an easy take on the Boy Who Lived, skip the pricey Gryffindor robe for a plain black version and a red-and-gold striped tie. Throw on round glasses and draw a lightning bolt “scar” for instant Potter vibes.

It’ll Cost YouBlack Robe, $21, Amazon Red and Gold Striped Tie

Grab a wand from Amazon!


3) Hermione Granger 

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Channeling the series’ heroine is just as simple. Aside from the classic striped tie and wand, throw on a Time Turner necklace (from Etsy) and tote around your favorite books. Of course, don’t forget to make your hair super frizzy, too. And just like Harry, all of these items are available on Amazon!


4) Moaning Myrtle 

This freakin’ chick. Oof. But really, a Moaning Myrtle costume is pretty simple. Start with a gray and white uniform ensemble and tie your hair in pigtails. Cover your face with white makeup. To make your outfit look just as ghostly, cover yourself in baby powder or corn starch if you want to avoid that whole cancer thing. And if you don’t care about…you know…dust on your…costume.

Aren’t constructed costumes the best?


5) Luna Lovegood

Miss Luna Lovegood is another character that’s easy to emulate. Any gray and white school ensemble works. It’s all about two essential items: a blue and white striped tie and radish earrings.

No, but really. Get them Radish Earrings.


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