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‘Star Wars’ is Next in Anime Makeover Fan Trailers

Star Wars is one of the biggest fantasy franchises in the world, and has been interpreted into many different works of art such as film, books, television. Now, one fan has combined the blockbuster franchise with the power of anime…ish.

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YouTube user Dmitry Grozov shared this stellar anime-inspired trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope and it almost hits that Macross-Captain Harlock-Galaxy Express-sorta-kinda-vibe.

The animated trailer full of fantastic anime interpretation of the film’s central characters, Grozov goes the extra mile and even includes Japanese dialogue.

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It doesn’t look any less official than the soon to air Star Wars: Resistance on Disney Channel, right?

Fan-made anime trailers and openings aren’t new business, but they’re sure getting more and more convincing. Take the “Anime Rick and Morty” opening theme that graced the internet in the last week. It hits every single tropey nail on its beautifully broken skull until nothing but pure awesome and fire are oozing out of its face holes.






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