An Open Letter to Playstation (From a Disabled Gamer)

Why can’t more video games and gaming systems be more disabled friendly? As a disabled person I would love to play more action and strategy games. However, those games are off limits to me and disabled people because, they take two working body parts; which some disabled people don’t have. However, it is so frustrating to me because some people like me have the smarts to play those games.

Few a years ago I a wrote letter to Sony and asked them why. However, I never really heard back from them on this issue. I don’t know, maybe I sent to the wrong place. So I thought maybe I would approach it with an article open letter. Hopefully this method will help get the message out there that representation from this group is needed.

I know there are more people like with the same problem I have. I want to play the games, but I’m not physically able to. So, what I was thinking maybe if enough of us banded together on this issue, maybe it help video game hardware companies realize that there’s a group of people out there who want to buy and play their systems but are limited. Could it encourage them to develop new and better technology to allow us to play games differently? This is what I wanted to find out.


Dear PlayStation:

Hi my name Nicholas McCarthy and I also have Cerebral Palsy! I love playing my PlayStation however, with my disability I am very limited with what games I can play! Mostly I can play sports games because I can do them with my one hand with the regular controller. I mainly play NBA2K Series, Madden Series, and MLB even then sometimes I can’t do lot of special moves because it requires two hands. I would like to play those other games. However, the problem is most of the other games require two good hands to play with. Which means I can’t really play them like normal gamer would play them! I have sit the controller on the ground so that I can use my one good hand for the buttons.      

So I was wondering if there was anyway PlayStation Company could create an affordable one-handed controller for people like me! Not to mention it would be beneficial for you guys to create a controller like that. The reason is that it would help you sell more games too. There are others like myself that would purchase other games; a newer system if they were easier for us to play. I would love to play first-person shooter games. However, to use two analog sticks, and four triggers, with one hand is too difficult. I would like to thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

I know its not that simple change something like that. However, it would be nice if something something did happen. I think it would help the video game companies sales go up if they were more disabled friendly. So if nothing else, instant inclusion-PR-move. Everybody wins! Plus it would show that we do matter. As an disabled person it would mean a lot to us when we are included with something like this.

So who is with me and want help me make something happen? Give Nerdbot your thoughts in the comments!



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