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Hawaii’s Volcanic Eruption Is Catching The Attention Of Scientist

The volcano eruption in Kilauea Hawaii is like something out of a horror movie. Lava oozing out of the cracks in the earth, and at times flying at about 200 feet in the air. Polluting the air for the citizens of Kilauea and it’s even affecting the people of Guam.

Although this is a horrific thing to happen, it is luring in scientist. So they can study it. It’s creating a new opportunity to further understand our earth. Ever since the first eruption happen team of Volcanologist have been on the scene from sunrise to sunfall. With drones constantly flying over to catch something new, sensors to catch how fast the lava is going, and even people on the ground to record the gas levels.

Alexa Van Eaton a Volcanologist that’s based in Oregon. Has gone all the way out to Hawaii to study the volcano. She came out to study the speed and flow of the lava. She had went on the record to say what had shocked her the most.

“You can hear, first of all the coqui frogs, but in the background you can hear the clinkering of the lava, which really does sound like breaking glass.”

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Just like her many of the scientist are super excited to have this opportunity to study the world we live on. Wendy Stovall another Volcanologist with the U.S Geological survey says that all the data they’re collecting is crucial information. This will further help scientist all over the world and most importantly how volcanoes work as well.

“And that will hopefully inform land-use planning, emergency preparedness and keep people’s lives from being impacted so heavily like they have [been] during this eruption,” stated by Stovall.

Scientist all over the world are watching this. And taking notes on how to further prevent/ prepare something like this, from ever happening again.

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