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Monolith Soft Hiring for New Legend of Zelda Game

Hey, listen! It seems that Monolith Soft may have a new Zelda game in the pipeline. The developer best known for the Xenoblade Chronicles series recently put a call out for new members to join their team. On their official website, the studio is recruiting developers, programmers, designers and artists to join a new Zelda […]

Nintendo Switch Console Hits Milestone Sales Number in the Japanese Market

The Famitsu website reported on Wednesday that according to its investigation, Nintendo has sold more than five million Switch console units in Japan in the 1.5 years (79 weeks) since the console went on sale. Famitsu estimated that the console has sold 5,007,368 units in Japan between March 3, 2017 and September 2. Famitsu has also estimated the […]

Single Player: The 2018 RPG Wish List

It’s a new year with all the hope, determination, and resolutions that come with entering the year of the doggo. What will this year bring? World peace? The cure for the common cold? Finally a way to decide what to have for dinner? That would be all well and good, but I just want good […]

Breaking Legacies: Nerd Culture in 2017

Why are you a nerd? I mean, why do you like nerdy, geeky stuff? Comic books, science fiction, old English writers who create their own languages, and swords that seal darkness, all of these appeal to you, don’t they? Well, some, at least. If you have ever been made fun of at any time in […]