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Zelda Inspired D20 Die Is Sure To Bring Good Luck To Your Next Session

Do you like Zelda? Do you like DND? If you’re like me then you have answered yes to both of those questions. If there is one thing we DND enthusiasts love to do is share stories of our campaigns.

Like one time I was playing Star Wars DND with my friends and we were being stopped by some Stormtroopers and the droid (another player) was with me and Was explaining that my character only spoke Twi’lek, and basically to get out of the situation I played along and the droid had to roll to see if they understood me because he didn’t and he rolled a 20 and downloaded instantly what he needed to understand me and we got away, because the Jedi we were hiding mind controlled the Stormtroopers and they left us alone. My DM was stunned and said he was getting ready for us to roll initiative. Fun times. 

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Why not show off to your buddies with a brand new die that is sure to bring a lot of happiness. 

How cool is this design! This D20 design come in several different looks and it sure to bless you with many rolls in your favor. Disclaimer it will not guarantee that if you roll a 19 that it will hit. In that case you are in danger and should therefore run. To purchase just follow this link

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