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Hero Wares & Supplies Is An Etsy Shop For The Zelda Fan

Having gone to Anime LA this last weekend I was not sure what to expect. Having been the first time I was excited to see what the con had to offer. I noticed that the stickers were quite a thing! But the one thing that blew me away was Hero Wares & Supplies.

I am a HUGE Legend of Zelda fan and this vendor had so much to offer. Though part of me was worried I was bothering him. But the owner was gracious and took the time to explain things to me. And now I get to share the goodies with you all! Legend of Zelda fans BEHOLD!

1 of 1,069

Lon Lon Milk Pitcher

Leather of Spoils bag

Goron Spice Bottle

Glowing Fairy Tonic Bottle

A small key

Giants Backpack

And these are just a few that I saw! And let me tell you the quality is so amazing, I highly recommend this Etsy store.

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