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‘The Joker’ Confirmed to be an Origin Story

When you think of the Joker there are two things that come to mind. One he is insane and two he is a total mystery. There have been attempts at origin stories for the character but there has never been one true origin. Without an origin it makes him a loose canon and much more […]

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Might Be a Coked up Failed Comedian

A new rumor is making its rounds on the internet stating that Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the Joker origin will be much…..much… different than anything ever done before. As reported by Following the Nerd, the Nerd Rage Podcast has claimed to have seen proof of this off the wall transformation of the Clown Prince of Crime. […]

Marc Maron To Join New “Joker” Cast

Comedian, podcaster and curmudgeon extraordinaire Marc Maron (Glow) is reported to be joining The Joker cast. The feature, set to be released October 2019, will show the alt origin of the clown prince of crime through the able visage of Joaquin Phoenix and will be disconnected from the greater (?) DCEU. Robert De Niro and Frances […]

Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Movie Gets Release Date

Warner Bros. confirms during San Diego Comic Con; The stand alone ‘Joker’ film starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular telling the origin of the Clown Prince Of Crime/forever antagonist to Batman will hit theaters on October 4th, 2019. “Joker” becomes the third title slated for Oct. 4, 2019, joining Fox’s thriller “The Woman in the Window” […]