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Luis Josh Gutierrez

Instagram Will Be Hiding Self-Harming Photos

Instagram is taking yet another step to insure that users are safe from images or videos that they wouldn’t deem “Appropriate”. This new feature will put a giant blur on the photo and will only clear up if the user chooses to see it. This is meant to help prevent suicidal thoughts or actions, and […]

Deadpool 2 Review

DeadPool 2 was a fantastic movie! This movie was two long years in the making. The bar was set pretty high after the hit of Deadpool one. With a much larger budget and cast/crew they waste little to no time making this the most epic movie yet. Usually when people think of Wade Wilson aka […]

Open Your Third Eye

You remember that three eyed fish in The Simpsons? The one caused by being exposed to all that radiation? Well some interesting news happened a group of scientist in India managed to create something just like that! But instead of having a fish it was a beetle with three functioning eyes! “There’s no single gene […]

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Fan-Film Review

Holy sh*t! Man that was definitely worth the wait! I remember when I had first watched the pilot for this project, my friend and I were talking about fan films and how it’s a lot like gambling: “You know it’s a risk, you never know you’re going to win or lose”. This time around, we […]

Nerdbot Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express

The Orient Express is certainly different from most movies. Going into it you have to know it’s not a typical block buster movie. Instead it’s very grounded with good acting to back it all up. With that being said let’s dive into it. For starters, the first act starts somewhat slow with kind of pointless […]

Disney Vs The LA Times

Disney it’s hard not to love them, they do pretty much everything to keep you entertained. If it’s not an animated movie, Star Wars, Marvel Studios, theme parks the list goes on and on. And it seems like they’re in no shortage of press whatsoever. But for a brief time gap they banned the LA […]

Luke Is The Last Jedi

There’s been a debate recently in the Star Wars community, one that’s causing a rift amongst fans. And it wither or not Luke is still one of the good guys. Well I got some good news for you all the man Mark Hamill himself debunked everything by claiming he still is a Jedi. You may […]

Nerdbot Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

Well I must say that Marvel has out done themselves this time around. It seems to be that they keep upping the stakes with every movie lately, Thor being a perfect example of it. They really got out of there comfort zone and it really paid off. It was clear from the opening scene what […]