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Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Fan-Film Review

Holy sh*t! Man that was definitely worth the wait!

I remember when I had first watched the pilot for this project, my friend and I were talking about fan films and how it’s a lot like gambling: “You know it’s a risk, you never know you’re going to win or lose”. This time around, we won. He’d sent me the link for the pilot and I was hooked almost right away. Watching it countless times over and over telling all my DBZ friends to go and watch this. Constantly waiting for updates to when the full thing will finally come out.

I had actually forgotten about this all together for the last few months until, it happened – I saw it finally on my YouTube feed: “Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope (New 2017 Release)”. My heart was filled with joy because it was finally here. Patiently waiting after all these years and now the time has come. No fan made show has been able to do what RobotUnderDog2 has been able to do, recreate something so beautiful that you don’t even know that it’s fan made.

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Before I go into the details of the plot I’ll start by why this is so great. The FX alone on this is almost if not at the level of professional movie studio quality. Watching this I couldn’t help but think “Oh my god this was all done by regular people”. All the little details that went into just about everything was next level. With the sound effects that comes with shooting off energy beams, the explosions of buildings, or rocks flying up in the air and being crushed it was great, I could go on and on why the special effects made this phenomenal.

The camera angles were perfect! It wasn’t like your typical YouTube fan flick at all. This was done very professional with what seemed to be drone shots that created that really immersive feeling. And the over the shoulder shoots to create more of a personal vibe. There was no doubt that a lot of time and effort was put into this. The scenery of this was the icing on the cake

Now let’s drive into the story, it was a fan made adaptation of the movie based off future Trunks “Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks”. They did a great job at it as well, the recreation of this movie into a live action. Scene for scene was perfect capturing those badass fight scenes into real life is very hard to do, something big Hollywood studios have a hard time pulling off. But they made it look easy.

Even with the emotional aspect of it, you really feel for Trunks, not only because it’s sad but because the acting behind this was spectacular! This whole thing was an emotional roller-coaster with highs and lows! Seeing Bulma blame Gohan for Trunks almost dying got me in the heart. That whole mother bond really hits you in the feels. Every actor in this put there heart and soul into this you can undoubtedly tell. I found myself hating the androids more, meaning that these guys are great at what they do!

The best part for me was seeing that iconic scene of Gohan being brutally murdered by the androids. Not gonna lie, it brought tears to my eyes. It was done so beautifully I can’t recommend this enough. You don’t even need to be a fan of DBZ to enjoy this, go check it out and help these up and coming actors/producers.

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