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Nerdbot Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express

The Orient Express is certainly different from most movies. Going into it you have to know it’s not a typical block buster movie. Instead it’s very grounded with good acting to back it all up. With that being said let’s dive into it.

For starters, the first act starts somewhat slow with kind of pointless things going around. Just for the sole purpose to prove of how much of a great detective our protagonist really is. As well as tons of jumping back and forth of all the characters in the movie, so that way they’ve all been introduced and you can get a somewhat idea of who and what they are.

The main idea of the movie kind of gets thrown into the mix, with Hercule Poirot played by Kenneth Branagh being offered a ticketed on the train. After you get past the first ask it’s when things really start to pick up from there.

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The movie has a really strong supporting cast with huge names such as Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Willem Dafoe. With all of them acting there heart out which makes the movie as good as it is. And arguably saves the movie from some of it’s dull moments.

Around the second act of the movie it started to really pick up and getting that murder mystery vibe, which was really enjoyable. The movie really started to feel like I was watching a live, it was a nice change of pace then what I’m use to. With Hercule jumping from clue to clue to figure out who was the murder, knowing well that almost everyone had a good motive to kill Ratchett played by Johnny Depp. Seeing a man that is so certain of himself and his idea of right and wrong struggle was entertaining to play out.

It was around the ending of the movie that really hit home. Once the mystery is solved of who killed Ratchett it brings up an interesting topic. Because prior to this Hercule would see the world in black and white, there is good and bad no in between. But once it is uncovered and what Ratchett was murdered it brings up the topic of that middle grey area. That sometimes people have to do a bad thing for a good cause.

That was the part that really got to me at the end of the movie. Even though it may of had some dull moments throughout the movie, the ending was the thing that really spoke out to me and made me really enjoy it for what it was.

With all that being said I’ll give it a: 7/10

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