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Instagram Will Be Hiding Self-Harming Photos

Instagram is taking yet another step to insure that users are safe from images or videos that they wouldn’t deem “Appropriate”. This new feature will put a giant blur on the photo and will only clear up if the user chooses to see it. This is meant to help prevent suicidal thoughts or actions, and this is gaining a lot of fuel because of a British teenager who took her own life due to seeing graphic imagines on Instagram and Pinterest.

Because of this Instagram is now investing in an engine to help detect things like that, as well as human users to help crack down on these kind of images. They already do this to some photos/videos by not letting them pop up on certain hashtags if they are caught. The CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri said that  Instagram will “better support people who post images indicating they might be struggling with self-harm or suicide.”

It is stated in the guidelines of Instagram that you can not post anything that would cause harm to others. But they sometimes slip through the cracks and Instagram is not able to catch them all due to so many users.

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Instagram has also said that they don’t delete some as well because experts say it allows people to share their story and them heal. Back in 2016 they allowed users to disable comments on post to help prevent bullying and things such as that.

For anyone who feels alone please know that help is out there. And if you ever need help please call 1-800-273-8255. Which is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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