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Chloé Zhao Would Direct Kevin Feige’s “Star Wars” Film If he Asked

Oscar winning director Chloé Zhao says she’s interested in making Kevin Feige‘s “Star Wars” film! Michael Waldron was announced to be penning the script. Waldron has big credits to his name such as “Loki” and producing and writing on “Rick & Morty.” In an interview with The Playlist, “Eternals” director Zhao said that she would […]

Yes, “Deadpool 3” is a part of MCU, Rated R Kevin Feige Assures

Sounds like fans of Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth needn’t worry about the state of their red and black clad antihero joining the Disney side of Marvel. If you’ll recall, with the wholesale purchase of Fox and it’s holdings, Disney also brought home the majority (minus Spider-Man and a few others) of […]

Report: Michael Waldron to Write Kevin Feige’s Upcoming “Star Wars” Movie

This just in- we might know who will be penning Kevin Feige‘s upcoming “Star Wars” movie, and it’s someone with additional Marvel Studios ties. Michael Waldron, Disney+’s upcoming “Loki” series as well as Marvel Studios sequel film “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness,” will reportedly be penning the untitled “Star Wars” project script for […]

“Black Widow” Director Spoils HUGE Part of Movie

We will warn you right now, that this contains pretty big spoilers for Disney and Marvel Studios’ upcoming “Black Widow” film, directly from director Cate Shortland. So, if you don’t want to know about a huge reveal, please find something else to read (and/or DON’T start lambasting us for writing about this. You chose to […]