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Second Season of Marvel’s WHAT IF…? Already in Development

Marvel’s series coming to Disney Plus called “What if…?” which is based on the comics of the same name will be premiering on the streaming platform summer of 2021. We knew that they wanted to have a total of 23 episodes initially and now we have word that all 23 will not be included in the first season. That they will in fact be coming at a later date. Kevin Feige said this about Season 2 at CCXP:

“I’m very happy that we’re doing the What If…? series for Disney+ right now, and I’ve seen most of them. We have ten for Season 1, we’re already working on the next ten for Season 2.

We’ve revealed one that is very exciting, we’ve talked about it for years, which is the one where Peggy Carter gets the Super Soldier serum and becomes Captain Carter. That’s the very first episode, and I’m excited for people to see that. I’m excited to see the finished version of that, and I’m excited for the world to see it.”

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The first season will run for 10 episodes and will encompass stories like; T’Challa As Star-Lord; Zombie Captain America fighting Bucky Barnes; Peggy Carter as Captain Carter, and if Steve Rogers never got the serum. There are more stories that have yet to be revealed.

Since we knew that they were looking at making 23 episodes total this news isn’t really great. One would have hoped that when the announcement of 23 episodes first surfaced that the first season would be 23 episodes total, like any good anime is usually around 24 it would have made sense if they wanted to follow that format. But since this is America and streaming platforms seem to be doing their own thing anyway they have decided to cut the 23 in half. No word yet on when the second season will premiere but its likely that it will come exactly a year after season one drops Summer 2021, so probably Summer 2022.

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