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“ElfQuest” Audio Movie Seeks Key Roles, Audition Now!

ElfQuest is a seminal piece of comic book history. Maybe it’s not a title you yourself ever read, but chances are you know about it. Created by Wendy and Richard Pini, the very first ElfQuest story was published in 1978, and has continued to be a fan favorite title for decades. Imagine our delight when […]

Rachel Smythe’s “Lore Olympus” Multi-Volume Omnibus Coming

We are so absolutely delighted to share the news that Rachel Smythe‘s amazing web comic “Lore Olympus” is getting a multi-volume omnibus published by Penguin Random House. The news was shared this morning by Smythe herself in the official Lore Olympus fangroup on Facebook. Today marks the Third Anniversary of Lore Olympus on LINE WEBTOON Originals.It’s been […]

Jeremy Irons comes in as Ozymandias on HBO’s ‘Watchmen’

We’re excited to report that Jeremy Irons is being added to the cast of HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ as Ozymandias, the hero gone businessman and villain. If you’re a Watchman fan like me, you’re more than likely as excited to see the HBO treatment coming soon to a tv or mobile screen near you! I mean, from the […]