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“ElfQuest” Audio Movie Seeks Key Roles, Audition Now!

ElfQuest is a seminal piece of comic book history. Maybe it’s not a title you yourself ever read, but chances are you know about it. Created by Wendy and Richard Pini, the very first ElfQuest story was published in 1978, and has continued to be a fan favorite title for decades. Imagine our delight when news of an “audio film” surfaced.

Dagaz Media, production company behind this project, has revealed some key roles they’re still looking to cast. These are notable characters from the Wolf Riders, and even from Sun Village.

Those roles include Treestump, Nightfall, Redlance, Strongbow, Moonshade, Scouter, Dewshine, Sun-Toucher, Toorah, ShenShen, and Picknose.

You can see further instructions for how to audition, and even the script pages to use, on Dagaz Media’s website here. Submissions will be accepted until noon (PDT) on Sunday, May 9th 2021.

You can see the official video announcement about the project on the “ElfQuestaudio movie website here.

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