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“Black Widow” Stands Among the Top of MCU Solo Entries [Review]

It’s taken far too long for “Black Widow” to finally come to the big screen, but now that it’s finally here it’s a solid and entertaining entry into the MCU pantheon of films, and easily among the top of the solo outings. Beyond it being a combination origin story and solo adventure, it also beings […]

6 New “Black Widow” Character Posters Released

Earlier this morning, Marvel Studios revealed a new set of character posters for their upcoming film “Black Widow.” Yeah, this poor film has been pushed back more times than almost any title during the pandemic; even more than “Dune!” At long last though, we’re just under two months from seeing this flick finally hit theaters. […]

Marvel Studios Releases New “Black Widow” Featurette for Super Hero Day

While we’re not really sure why Marvel Studios picked “Black Widow” to celebrate National Super Hero Day, we’re happy to report on it. This new featurette released earlier today focuses on Natasha Romanoff, played in the MCU by Scarlett Johansson. Fans can look forward to finally seeing the feature film when it hits select theaters […]

New “Black Widow” Trailer: Too Little Too Late, or Awesome?

We’re beginning to think that Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” is never going to see the light of day. With so many delays and changes to the film’s release date, you can kinda understand why we think that. But, Marvel Studios decided today would be the perfect time to release a new trailer for the film. […]

“Black Widow” Director Spoils HUGE Part of Movie

We will warn you right now, that this contains pretty big spoilers for Disney and Marvel Studios’ upcoming “Black Widow” film, directly from director Cate Shortland. So, if you don’t want to know about a huge reveal, please find something else to read (and/or DON’T start lambasting us for writing about this. You chose to […]