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Predicting SAG Award Winners [Without Seeing Any of the Films]

I think it goes without saying that even in the world of streaming, 2020 was a hard year for movies. More particularly, movies up for awards are already difficult to come by in the best of times, usually appearing in limited releases in small, tiny, theaters. Unfortunately, not all critics are privy to screeners and […]

Marijuana Legalization in NJ: What It Means in Practice

New Jersey recently joined the list of American states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. Previously, you could only use marijuana for medical purposes. However, the new legislation allows you to use and possess recreational marijuana. But, what does this mean in practice? Well, here’s what you need to know:  Purchasing and Possessing Recreational Marijuana […]

Underrated Actor Spotlight Time: LaKeith Stanfield

I’ve said this many times before in the last few weeks, but it bares repeating: I will continue to champion LaKeith Stanfield‘s latest performance as a criminally snubbed nominee for his role in “Judas and the Black Messiah” until someone makes it right. Stanfield is an actor who, like some other previous entries into the […]