Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Jurassic World Trailer

Fallen Kingdom
Did anyone see the trailer for Jurassic World? Holly macro! The preview starts out with the DREAMY Chris Pratt aka Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard who plays Claire are back at Isla Nublar to save the remaining Dinosaurs, from the looks of the trailer...

Justice League 2 Canceled?

Here are the DCEU movies Warner Brothers announced as confirmed at the Brazil Comic Con on December 12, 2017: Wonder Woman 2 Aquaman Flashpoint Justice League Dark Green Lantern Corps Suicide Squad 2 Shazam Batgirl The Batman Source: WB/DC. Missing from this list? Justice League 2, Man of Steel 2, and Cyborg. All three of...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Batman?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Comicbook.com reported on December 9th that Walking Dead villain Jeffrey Dean Morgan attended a Walker Stalker Con panel in New Jersey where once again hinted at a desire to return to the DC Extended Universe. "There's a role in the DC Universe I've got my...

Black Panther Still Coming

Black Panther
When I say 'still' coming, you might wonder what I mean, or whether it almost wasn't. That isn't my point. What I mean is, doesn't it feel as if the world has almost forgotten about it?  Regardless, the Black Panther is real and is...

David Goyer Taking On He-Man

He-Man Masters Of The Universe
Not literally, obviously. He-Man would kick Goyer's ass for one, plus he doesn't really exist. That said, the challenge of getting Adam to the big screen does seem just as hard, if not harder. Goyer does have history with rich kids trying to save...

Ben Affleck No Longer Batman – Other DCEU News

Ben Affleck Batman
It's been a couple weeks, we've had some time to digest the latest installment to the DC Extended Universe, Justice League. By now you've either read or heard every theory, review, perspective and justification the Internet has to offer. And that's okay, I'm not...

Love and Saucers: The Weirdest Film of 2017

Is everyone excited for Star Wars? I know I am. I have my ticket for opening night at the Chinese Theater in LA. But the REAL must see movie this month is Love and Saucers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRdxTk6BJvE Love and Saucers is a bizarre, touching documentary released this...

Ryan Reynolds Cast as Detective Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds Pikachu Pokemon
Ryan Reynolds, Pikachu Chooses You! The Pokemon World seems like a runaway train that boarded in 1995 and never stopped chugging! With the announcement of a Live-Action filmed based on the popular gaming series from Japan, many wondered how it would be done? Who would...

X-Men and Fantastic Four’s Murky Future

X-Men and Fantastic Four
Unfortunately, no. Marvel does want the rights back. But reports early in November about Disney looking to buy out 20th Century Fox have apparently already been scuppered. Multiple news outlets, including Bloomberg, are saying that the two companies have already decided they can’t reach...

J.J. Abrams, Quentin Tarantino, And Star Trek

Star Trek
This is not a joke. Have you ever wondered what Quentin Tarantino could do with the science fiction genre? I have always wondered what that would be like and thanks to reporting from Deadline.com on December 4th, my wish has been granted. It appears the acclaimed...

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