Wednesday, December 4, 2019

You Can Now Get Stuffed Cheez-it Pizza From Pizza Hut!

Cheez It Pizza Exists and we need it in our mouths!

IHOP Has an Addams Family Inspired Menu

IHOP has created a Addam's Family Menu!

Hostess Set to Release Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes!

This seasons fall treat from hostess is Iced Pumpkin CupCakes!

Cereal for the Bad Guy in You!

The FunkO company is bringing us cereal fit for this Halloween season!

Hostess Teased Peanut Butter & Pickle Twinkies

Hostess teases peanut butter and pickle sandwich twinkies.

The World’s First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Opens in London

The first Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant
The Cheese Bar is the perfect place to go if you love cheese and wine. It recently opened in London and is quickly gaining popularity.

Doom Eternal is Getting an Officially Licensed Bone Vodka

Doom Vodka is a thing and we need it now!

A Spice Girls-themed Boozy Brunch is Heading to L.A.

What's new in the pop up event world? Well a pop up themed brunch. But not just any theme, a Spice Girls brunch!

This New Stormtrooper Geeki Tiki is a Must Have!

There is a new geeki tiki and we absolutely love it!

Starbucks Releases Sparkly Spiderweb Reusable Cup

Starbucks releases special spider web cup design

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