Sunday, August 11, 2019

Starbucks is Offering Keto Friendly Options

The Keto diet has quickly become the hottest craze for anyone trying to lose weight in the last couple of years. If you haven't tried it yourself you most definitely have heard someone talking about it. Well Starbucks is now on...

Costco is Selling 27lb Buckets of Macaroni & Cheese to Ruin Your New Year’s Diet

Hey so the holidays are over! Time to get back in shape and cut the carbs right? Well Costco has other plans for us. Along with selling a 7lb Container of Nutella they are also now selling a 27lb Bucket of Chef's...

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

With the increase in prices for not only day tickets but also annual passes there is going to be a big void left for many a Disneyland goer. Including myself whose pass is just about to expire. Fortunately though because of Mickey's...

Pokemon Let’s Go Bake Cookies!

Pillsbury did the best thing ever apparently while no one was looking, including me. They released Pokemon ready to bake cookies! The timing is a bit funny since you think these would have...

COSTCO is now Selling a 7 Pound Tub of Nutella

If you've ever wondered how much Nutella $22 bucks can buy you, the mystery is over! Costco is now selling a 7 pound (really 6.6 lbs) tub of Nutella! The possibilities are endless.

Pedialyte is Now Marketed for Hangovers Just in Time for New Years

Ready to have the best New Years of your life! Well whether or not you are going out drinking with friends or staying home drinking by yourself Pedialyte now has just the thing for you! Pedialyte has begun marketing...

KFC selling a Firelog that releasing smell of Fried Chicken

When are ancestors dreamed of the future, I'd like to imagine they dreamed of firewood that smelled like fried chicken. In a move that would have made the real Colonel Sanders jump up and kick his heels, KFC announced...

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