Monday, October 19, 2020
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Great Gothic Decor: Coffin Altars and Shelves For Your Lair

These Gothic Decor coffin altars and shelves are the perfect items to spruce up your lair this Halloween.

Here’s a DIY Candy Slide That Keeps You 6ft From Trick-or-Treaters

This is a pretty cool alternative to the old setting out the candy bowl trick.

This Ghibli Stained Glass on Etsy Will Take Your Breath Away

This stained glass Ghibli piece is beautifully put together!

New LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley Set is Pure Magic

Lego has unveiled a magnificent Diagon Alley Set that marks the fourth largest set ever.

This Basement Floor Was Finished with 8032 “Magic The Gathering” Cards

This flooring project by Tap That MTG turned out beautifully! 8032 MTG cards to cover 422sq ft.

This Mom Crocheted an Entire Xenomorph Costume for Halloween

Stephanie Pokorny crocheted her son's outfit last year for Halloween. And she made him a freaking Xenomorph!

These DIY Skull Sunflowers are Perfect for a Spooky Garden

These skull sunflowers scream Halloween!

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” Crochet Patterns Have Jack, Sally and More!

Calling all creative people! These "The Nightmare Before Christmas" crochet figures would make a great gift... hint hint.

Crafty Man Turns Lawnmower into Tank that Shoots Potatoes, Still Cuts Grass!

Did this crafty man need to make a tank that shoots potatoes and still cuts grass? No. But is it awesome? Heck yes!

Artist Creates Life-Sized Luck Dragon for a Sick Little Boy Named Atreyu

An artist created a life sized Falkor for a sick little boy. And it's the sweetest thing we have ever seen.

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