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Artists Build Action Figures From Discarded Cicada Shells

This just proves my point that crafters are amazing. We probably already knew that but still, when you can take something no one wants and make something like this? Amazing!

Image by nobu sato from Pixabay
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Remember how we wrote that trillions of cicadas were emerging to start mating this year? Thanks to the brood boom resulting in molting after mating, there are shells discarded all over the place. Some people have taken these shells and started creating action figures with them and the results are amazing.

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The translation for the tweet says: “It is a guy made from cicada shells when he was a high school student. He overruns the earth and stands at the top of weak meat and strong food in the insect world.”

You can also find cicada shells for sale on Etsy if you wanted to try your hand at creating something like this. If you do, be sure to email us and let us see what you came up with!

If you want to find out if there are cicadas near you, use this app to find them!

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