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DIY Paper Spiderwebs the Easy Way to do Spooky Season Décor

Yes, I would argue that Halloween is the superior holiday come the end of the year. Christmas is fine, but it’s always contingent on if your presents are above and beyond what you expect. Halloween you get to sit back and enjoy the company of others. Eat good food and make decorations. And enjoy all of that delicious limited time only candy that can only come out during Fall.

So how do you decorate for Halloween? If you’re a pro then you probably have plenty of decorations stored just for the occasion. But if you’re not then it’s easy enough to make your own to start off. All you need is scissors, a pencil (or you can freehand it if you’re confident in your cutting skills) and paper. I dug up felt and construction paper because one I have a kid and two, we homeschool so we have basically all the craft things. But it can be as simple as pulling out the tray of the printer and grabbing a plain white sheet of paper.

How To:

I’ll link the tutorial I used but to be honest it moved way too slow for my liking and I ended up just skipping around and folding the paper and cutting. I didn’t measure or do the marks like the video did but I think they still turned out ok. For a small project at home with the kids or a bunch of drunk friends it’s pretty fun.

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Now that I’m looking at the picture used for the card on the video I’m realizing that I could have made much better spider webs. But I’m happy with mine and they’ll do. Besides I have two months to get really crafty at this point. Plus I’m going to leave them up for Christmas and make little felt Santa hats for the spiders I’ll be adding. Because, why not!?


If you make snowflakes, spiderwebs, or any other Halloween craft and you want to share please email us! We’d love to see what you come up with!

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