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Tie Fighter Fire Pits Will Up Your Bonfire Game

Throughout theStar Wars” franchise, we definitely see a lot of spaceships on fire. Fire fights between opposing sides inevitably lead to literal fires in the form of blown up or crashing ships. What about a ship that is meant to be on fire? Now that is something we never see in the series. Well, metal fabricator and artist Michael Finney is making that a reality.

You can even get a stand for you fire pit so it doesn’t ruin your grass!

Michael creates Tie Fighter fire pits to sell on his Instagram. There are multiple types of Tie Fighter to choose from including the standard Tie Fighter, a Tie X2 Fighter ,and a Tie Interceptor. These fire pits are definitely far easier to operate than an actual ship. Simply load your wood into the pit through the top opening. Then, light the wood through the front view-port of the ship. You can even place a grilling grate on the top opening to grill whatever you would like. Want one of these awesome metal pieces for yourself? Simply head over to Michael’s Instagram and send him a message. He will figure out pricing with you based on what you want.

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All photos credits belong to Michael Finney

Michael’s awesome designs don’t stop at just Tie Fighters though. He also makes fire pits of Darth Vader’s helmet and R2-D2. For R2-D2 it almost looks like he is rolling around with flames stored inside his body. Meanwhile, Darth Vader’s pit makes him looking more menacing than ever. Michael also makes metal sculptures that are simply decoration. These includes a C3PO head, a baby Yoda in its pod and a BB-8. If you want to be the coolest neighbor in your town this summer, investing in one of these awesome fire pits is definitely a good start.

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