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GameBoy Color Plushies Are Here to Help You Relive Your Childhood

Some of my favorite childhood memories were playing my GameBoy outside. I would enjoy summer vacation with my trusty purple GameBoy in my hands. I spent many summers battling trainers during my playthroughs of Pokemon Blue Version. My story isn’t unique though. Many of us grew up playing our GameBoys and remember fondly the days when they were the most advanced systems we had.

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Tavingtoncrafts on Etsy is taking that nostalgia and giving it back to us in a squishy form. They make GameBoy Color plushies that can be made to look just like the one you owned as a child. Each plush is handmade out of fleece, polar fleece, gutermann, embroidery, cotton fabric, and applique. All of the handheld’s details are there from the d-pad all the way to the tiny red power light. You can choose whatever color you would like for the base of the GameBoy. Additionally, you can choose a “start screen” for your plush. Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon are all possibilities to choose from. If you want a unique game as your screen, the artist allows you to message them with your special request. After all, Tavingtoncrafts wants to give you a GameBoy Color plush truly reflective of you.

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If you want a plush for you or a loved one, make sure to order soon. It takes approximately two to three weeks for each plush to be made. Additionally, all items are shipped from the United Kingdom and thus could have a long trip getting to you. Each plush starts at $29.85 but could cost more depending on how much customization you desire. You can’t put a price on how I would feel looking at my purple GameBoy plush with that Pokemon Blue Version screen though.

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