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New Starbucks Japan Sakura Blossom Drinks Look Delicious

Spring is on its way and Starbucks Japan is celebrating with its annual collection of Sakura-themed merchandise and drinks. This year’s delicious drinks combine the rich, floral flavor of Sakura blossoms with creamy bases.

These look fantastic!

To celebrate the season, Starbucks Japan is releasing three limited edition Sakura blossom beverages. The Sakura Cherry Frappuccino contains real cherry pulp blended into a sauce. This sauce combines with a sakura-flavored milk base, infused with a hint of strawberry, for a tart and sweet flavor. Pink, white and blue sugar-coated roasted rice pieces top off the drink. This will only be available in a Tall size.

Meanwhile, the Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino combines sakura strawberry sauce, sakura powder and sakura milk pudding to create a creamy cherry blossom flavor. Adorably, this drink is topped with pink-colored rice puff pieces that resemble cherry blossom petals. These crisp toppings are a nice contrast to the jelly-like milk pudding pieces you slurp up with every drink. This will also be available only in a Tall size.

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The rice puff pieces look just like sakura blossom petals on your drink!

Finally, the Sakura Milk Latte is a simple combination of sakura strawberry sauce and heated milk. Similar to the Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino, it is topped with rice puff pieces. There is no caffeine in this drink, so coffee lovers will want to ask for a shot of espresso for that caffeine kick. A subdued cherry blossom flavor makes this drink mildly sweet and creamy.

These drinks will only be available in Japan for a limited time. Hopefully, we might get the opportunity to try at least one of them someday. After all, people travel great distances to view the beauty of cherry blossoms in bloom. You can also check out the gorgeous sakura blossom drinkware and other merchandise being offered for a limited time here.

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