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Wicked Cool Toys Unveils New Pokemon Toys

Wicked Cool Toys has revealed there three newest Pokemon products at this year’s New York Toy Fair. All three toys will be released later this year.

Wicked Cool Toys’ first new toy is My Partner Eevee. Made of plastic, this adorable Eevee has a built-in microphone and touch sensor. Using these tools, Eevee will give one of 50 different reactions to your voice and touch. Eevee can also move its head and tail and make different expressions. They even have 20 different sound effects and will react to music! My Partner Eevee releases in August.

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The second toy in Wicked Cool Toys’ line-up is Snooze Action Snorlax. This 10-inch Snorlax plush has two modes, “snooze mode” and “awake mode.” While in snooze mode, Snorlax will yawn and snore. It’s important work blocking paths for trainers after all! A Poke Flute won’t help you with this Snorlax though. Instead, you will need the Pecha Berry accessory that comes with Snorlax. Feed the berry to Snorlax and it will enter awake mode. During this mode, Snorlax will sigh and make other more alert sounds. His belly even rumbles to let you know he could use a few more Pecha Berries. You can expect this lazy friend to block a store near you this fall.

Look at Munchlax wanting the best view before a nap.

Wicked Cool Toys’ final new toy is their Pokemon Carry Case Playset. This carrying case complements the various Pokemon figurines the company has created. Featuring a battle arena, a rushing stream that leads into a pond, a mountainous range, and a treetop hideout- this it the perfect playset for you to imagine your Pokemon in their daily lives. This playset folds into a backpack for easy transport and clean up. In carrying form, it resembles the backpack Ash wears in the anime. You can grab this convenient carrying case in August before heading out on your own Pokemon journey.

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