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Amanda Rossenrode

Amanda Rossenrode is a writer, zombie apocalypse expert and chicken finger connoisseur in Southern California. She loves sleeping, boring people by talking about history and impressing her nephew with her mad Super Mario skills. She fears and respects aliens and escalators. When she grows up she wants to be a Bigfoot Investigator. Is there, like a school for that?

Batdance Revolution

There was a time, not so long ago, that a movie soundtrack was as important as the film, often better quality than the actual film.

Deep Blue Cheese

Twenty years ago this week, one of the greatest cinematic experiences ever committed to film was released. You probably already know the film I am speaking of, a film bursting with top-notch performances, state of the art special effects and one of the most iconic and enduring soundtracks of our generation. This film needs no […]

Punky Power Part Deux!

When a show ends, it’s normal to wonder what happened to your favorite characters. Did Jesse Pinkman find love, happiness and a job at Home Depot in Tulsa? Has anything happened in the two seasons since you gave up on Walking Dead? Can we pretend the finale of Game of Thrones was a fever dream […]

Burger King’s New Nightmare

It’s not often that a restaurant strives to have the word “nightmare” associated with their food but Burger King, the good people who introduced to the concept of chicken fries, are rolling out their new Nightmare King on Monday, just in time for Halloween. Slapping a quarter pound of beef, a deep fried chicken filet, […]

6 Pop Culture Fads (That Have Faded Away)

If you grew up in the 90’s and have been to the mall lately, you’re probably kicking yourself for throwing out all your crop tops and high waisted jeans. Recent years have proven that nostalgia makes money and suddenly everyone is dressing like their favorite character from Empire Records. I have made a vow never […]