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Are Prebuilt Gaming PCs Worth It?

The doubt gamers have regarding prebuilt PCs is fully warranted because there was a time when these PCs were nothing but cash grabs. They were there to support the other products of big brands like Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Therefore, for this purpose manufacturers paid little to no attention to prebuilt gaming PCs sold them way overpriced than actually were worth for. The use of low quality hardware didn’t help either and hence a stigma developed around these products where gamers thought of prebuilt PCs as being nothing more than being overly expensive and not worth their money.

That was however a thing of the past, and recently we have seen manufacturers actually putting in effort in their pre built machines but is the effort enough? That is what we are here to find out in this article so without further ado let’s begin.

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The Rise in Popularity of Prebuilt Gaming PCs

The prebuilt gaming PC market has always had a relatively small market share when compared to custom built PCs hence manufacturers paid little attention to them because of the low sales numbers.

That all however turned upside down in the last two year or so. The year of 2020 and 2021 has been very hard on the PC gaming industry. It started off with a small supply and demand gap for PC components but fast forward today the matter is so severe that it is hard finding a Graphics card in stock.

The availability issue of PC components has paved the way for scalpers and black market where graphic cards and other PC components are being sold at a premium over the MSRP of the product, sometimes even 2x or 3x times.

When this price disparity and unavailability started to plague the PC industry many gamers and professional players resorted to buying prebuilt gaming PCs. Manufacturers seeing the renewed interest in prebuilt gaming PCs stepped up their game, improved the quality of their PCs and started pricing them at a competitive market rate to attract more customers.

Is Buying a Prebuilt Gaming PC Worth it?

The short answer to this question is that yes buying a prebuilt gaming PC these games is absolutely worth it no matter the budget you are eyeing at. To know why it is the case stick with me.

Firstly, the main reason that buying a prebuilt gaming PC is worth it is because these PCs are simply available. If you opt for the custom PC route, then good luck finding each individual component for your gaming PC because they simply aren’t available. Even if you do find them, they will run you more expensive than what you would otherwise pay for a gaming PC.

The other reason why a prebuilt gaming PC is worth it is simply because the quality of prebuilt gaming PCs these days easily rivals a well built custom gaming PC. Manufacturers have finally started to use quality components in prebuilt gaming PCs hence making them a more compelling buy than ever before.

The last reason as to why gaming PCs are worth it is because these days prebuilt gaming PCs embody everything that you will find on a good custom built gaming PC. They have fancy modern cases, RGB lighting, look case design, glass see through windows, good cable management, beefy CPU coolers etc.

These things were normally associated with custom build gaming PCs but now that is not the case anymore therefore making the case of prebuilt gaming PCs even stronger. For modern prebuilt gaming PCs at different price points, you can check out How2PC.


To conclude I am distinctively saying that prebuilt gaming PCs are indeed worth it in 2022 and onwards. They will continue to be worth so even when the custom gaming PC stabilizes because we are at a time where prebuilt gaming PCs are very competitive with their custom counterparts hence making a strong case for themselves for people who lack the expertise or don’t have the time to build their own gaming PC.

That is assuming the market stabilizes anytime soon which is most definitely not going to happen hence as things stand, I will strongly recommend that you check out prebuilt gaming PCs and stay away from custom rigs.

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