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Top Reasons Why The Gaming Industry is Booming

Unless you have been living under the rock, you will know that the gaming industry is booming across the globe. Now that the COVID 19 has pushed us all within the 4 walls of the house, everyone is stuck with their phones, tablets and whatever technology they can lay their hands on. This has eventually compelled the gaming industry to witness the massive growth in the last 2 years. Now with a staggering net worth of $152 billion, the gaming industry will cross the $250 billion mark anytime sooner in the future. Secondly, with hundreds of game developers graduating every year from college, they are coming up with intriguing games that have taken the world by storm. 

Not many people had expected that the gaming industry would make this far. In this blog, we will discuss the top reasons why the gaming industry is on the rise:

Technological Advancements

Gone are the days when people were attached to video games only. These days, with the massive evolution of technology, the gaming industry is thriving globally. The current games are user friendly and provide a stunning experience to the users. Now they are growing, more than ever and giving a tough competition to the conventional games out there. Secondly, with added features like 3D scanning and facial recognition, the users can easily lock their games and return to them. 

The Sudden Increase in Mobile Gaming

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Today, almost every individual has a smartphone and an iPhone In their hand. Simply put, it is hard to imagine life without a phone. Because using a phone for playing games gives a more personalized experience, people are having fun with it. If you dig deeper into history, you will be surprised to know that mobile gaming had a negligible share of $70 million in the past, which has now transitioned into $138 billion. Secondly, because pro gamers like to stream video games live, the demand for such events is at an all-time high. 

Better Employment Options

Long story short, the employment options are diverse and with a growing number of game developers out there, companies have to offer the relevant jobs. Because the gaming industry is thriving across the globe, every game developer can find a suitable company that offers a lucrative job option. Even the video game creation studio has offered stunning opportunities to game developers who want to thrive. 

The Free to Play Model

It might sound a little weird but most conventional games are free for the users. So when they get to play their favorite games for free, they can rest assured about going through the demo version. For instance, if you go back in time and bring up legendary games such as league of the legends, Fortnite or even Pokémon go, you will be shocked to know that they have always been free for the users. this is enough reason why a large part of the global population is swooning over games and continues to take interest in it.

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