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Firefly Path Created the Perfect “Sailor Moon” Wedding Dress!

It’s not everyday that I go crazy over something like a wedding dress. For me who can’t imagine spending any money on a wedding, it’s hard to wrap my head around the cost of a custom dress. But in this very rare case I’m looking at all the exquisite detail, and I know it’s totally worth it.

Firefly Path was commissioned to create a dress for their client Amy, which would be based on Princess Serenity from “Sailor Moon.” Fans of the series know that Naoko Takeuchi was originally inspired by Christion Dior‘s Palladium Gown for the anime. Knowing all of that and pulling from the Settei sheets (the pages used for anime), Firefly Path set out to create the most perfect gown a Sailor Moon fan could dream of.

They detailed everything from conception to creation on their website’s blog. In hopes that you’ll pay them a visit I’ll keep this short. You’ll have to go there to learn about all the glorious details that went into this dress!

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This dress is even more perfect than the Sailor Moon Bridal Collection that came out previously. I’m all for inspired looks, but this dress that Firefly Path created would have 100% been worn in the Silver Millennium’s Moon Kingdom.

Again, check out their blog to see even more up close details of the dress they created. Seriously though, I’d want to be buried in this dress.

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