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These Sailor Moon Wedding Dresses Are What Dreams Are Made Of

I was never really big on getting married in a church or having a huge ceremony. Heck I spent $30 on my wedding dress I found in the clearance section at Mervyns. It was Blue and matched my sapphire ring. I always knew my dream of having a full on Sailor Moon wedding was probably never going to happen. But that’s fine. Cosplay scratched that itch for me. Now though I may have to reconsider having that wedding after all. I mean we can renew our vows at the very least. And when we do you bet I’m going to get one of these amazing dresses.

Sailor Moon’s Birthday was June 30th and to celebrate they announced a ton of new collaborations. Including this beautiful wedding apparel line with Tokyo based Mariarosa. They are honestly what dreams are made of. Knowing that Naoko Takeuchi the creator of Sailor Moon had a hand in these makes them really special as well. Especially if you grew up watching our heroine beat the baddies while winning love by daylight. I mean just look at this beautiful Princess Serenity version of the dress.

Artify – Square

This one is specifically based off of her princess dress in the anime and the manga. It’s slightly different than the one by Gianfranco Ferré’s in the Dior: From Paris to the World exhibit.

If that’s not enough to peak your interest check out this amazing tuxedo that is meant to represent Prince Endymion’s amazing attire.

I’m sorry but if my partner came up to me wearing this, big time SWOON. I don’t know about you but capes really do it for me. But then again this was one of my first cartoon crushes.

Yes he was useless in the cartoon but man was he pretty.

They have a great version where it looks like she’s transforming from Sailor Moon into the princess.

Keep Going!
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Another that represents all of the scouts with the colors for each in a beautiful pastel mash up.

A dress that represents the outer scouts with Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn’s Colors coming up from the bottom.

And another more incognito version that you could technically wear without anyone ever realizing it was for your love of Sailor Moon.

And to top it all off they have a great dress you can use for your best friend. Luna’s dress that she wears when she transforms into a human. And who better to wear it than your Maid of Honor.

I’m telling you this collection is amazing and If I were rich I would buy them all. Just to have them. Because you can’t tell me not to, I’m an adult! An adult who LOVES Sailor Moon.

Source: Sailor Moon Official

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