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Keanu Reeves’ Mom Made Dolly Parton’s Playboy Bunny Suit!

Sometimes the entertainment world is a small one. As revealed recently, all around good guy Keanu Reeves has a very close connection to angel on earth Dolly Parton. And, it’s pretty unexpected.

Turns out, Reeves’ mother, costume designer Patricia Taylor, made one of Parton’s garments. Specifically, her Playboy Bunny suit from the October 1978 cover of the gentleman’s magazine. Parton actually donned the suit again to celebrate her husband Carl Thomas Dean‘s 79th birthday in July of 2021. And, as it turns out, she’s not the only person to have worn it.

Dolly surprises her husband, photo courtesy of

While visiting “The Matrix Resurrections” co-star Jada Pinkket Smith‘s “Red Table Talk,” Reeves revealed he once wore the suit for Halloween. The COMPLETE suit.

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Keanu Reeves attends “The Matrix Resurrections” USA premiere, photo by Bill Watters

“So my mother was a costume designer. She made some costumes for Dolly Parton, and she once did the cover of Playboy, and somehow I guess she didn’t take that home. So we had it, and it was Halloween. So I put on the ears and the bustier. I wore sneakers with fishnet stockings and the bowtie. I had some pretty long hair, and I was Dolly Parton as a Playboy Bunny.”

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