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Fully Assimilate Christmas With a “Star Trek” Borg Advent Calendar

Being a “Star Trek” fan has never been more fun with all of the cool merchandise that’s out. I remember in the 90’s when my dad would show off his Enterprise alarm clock and his Deanna Troi action figures. But now when it comes to collectible merch you really can’t beat what’s out today.

Hero Collector/Eaglemoss, one of the best distributors for “Star Trek” merch and memorabilia, just announced an advent calendar that any fan won’t want to miss. And personally I believe this now makes “Star Trek: First Contact” a Christmas movie. Seriously, check out this amazing Borg Cube Advent Calendar!

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Designed in the shape of the ominous and iconic Borg cube, this luxury cube calendar is set to burst with 24 high-quality, all-new gifts and accessories from beyond the final frontier.  A coaster set designed on the console screens from The Original Series, Enterprise-D socks to keep your toes warm (even in the depths of space), and an espresso cup commemorating the first warp flight in human history – in the year 2063 – are just some of the fantastic premium collectibles included in this iconic set.   

Truly authentic, this extensive advent calendar has been designed with fans in mind – so each day’s gift comes with a festive note detailing the story and trivia behind it, both wrapped together in branded tissue paper.  The voyage doesn’t end at Christmas, though, as the calendar also doubles as a unique storage and display unit providing the ideal place to store your STAR TREK memorabilia. 

The Borg cube Advent Calendar is the perfect pre-Christmas gift for any STAR TREK fan! The holidays will be celebrated – resistance is futile!

So not only are you getting this cool display box but it’s also a storage system that you can either keep what you get in it in, or put other cool knick knacks in to keep them safe. It would look amazing next to any “Star Trek” DVD collection and I’ve got the perfect place for this on my shelf. Click the link here to view the listing on Eaglemoss.

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