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Artist Reimagines Pokémon as “Lilo & Stitch” Experiments

You may all recognize Pikachu from “Pokémon” and Stitch from “Lilo & Stitch” as the completely adorable animals that they are. Both are out of this world, and both are extremely cuddlable. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if some Pokémon were drawn in the style of the illegally-made, genetically-engineered, extraterrestrial lifeforms that resulted in experiment 626?

Well thanks to Vincent Hult we don’t have to because he’s created some of the coolest mash up art we’ve ever seen of the two.

It all started with an even more adorable version of Pikachu.

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And to build on that we have Pikachu’s evolved form Raichu, well, Alolan Raichu that is.

And there’s a whole lot more! He’s posted a lot of these on and continues to add to the collection. In fact if you love this kind of art I recommend following Konnestra on Instagram as well.

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