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Check Out the Classy Skeleton Drinkware Collection From Pottery Barn

Can you imagine a world in which we just use boring old cups? I can’t. In fact, I have many different drinking vessels- generally with cartoons on them- but all of them are different. And when I’m in a particular mood I grab the old FU cup. But what about those long chilly nights when the moon is full and you feel spooky in your soul? You know what I mean, the long autumn nights when we start curling up with a warm blanket and a good horror flick. Well Pottery Barn has THE PERFECT drinkware collection to definitely suit the occasion.

Check out these amazing skeleton glasses!

Also check out the punch bowl and ladle! I would love to drink from that at a Halloween party with a nice spooky charcuterie board.

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Another nice thing about these is that they are silver so the bones really stand out and look nice. It’s also great because even if you’re drinking alone technically you are holding someone else’s hand. A fictional boney hand but still…

Pottery Barn is selling these as separate pieces that range from $24.50 – $99.50. If you’re willing to invest in something nice for yourself that you can pull out every year, I would definitely suggest these. Just think of how great they would look with red wine or cranberry juice in them!

You can check out the listing on Pottery Barn’s website here.

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