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Yes Really: Pants That Look Like You Had an Accident are Trending

So last week I wrote about double waisted jeans, and I thought that has to be it. That has to be the stupidest thing ever. But of course the internet has proved me wrong and now there’s an even bigger fashion statement I’ve come across. Jeans that look like you’ve had an accident. On purpose.

These pants were in a featured article on Snopes which elaborated that these are in fact real. No one is really sure of the intent but they are a real and orderable item. They say that the creators made these to solve two problems.

“The idea behind Wet Pants Denim came through the discovery that some people choose to wet their pants because they like the way it looks. There are two shortfalls with this, however: Wearing wet pants is uncomfortable and when the wet mark dries or the stain is washed, it is oftentimes gone for good.”

“Wet Pants Denim was created to produce jeans that solve both of these issues. As such, we are providing comfort and greater permanence to a market that is completely overlooked by traditional fashion brands.” 


It’s one thing to wear pants that look wet. It’s another thing to wear white pants that look like you’ve been drinking far too many neon colored energy drinks. Honestly wear those and someone may call an ambulance for fear of your liver failing.

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They also have hats on their site including a Trumpish looking hat that is red and says “Make Wet Pants Feel Dry Again.” So we’re hoping that this is just a satire site. Then again the way things are these days.. who really knows.


highly recommend… from @wetpantsdenim #fyp #wetlookdryfeel

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Oh and here’s a link to those ungodly double waisted jeans I mentioned earlier. I really hope that the reason for these is just to make people feel better. But we can’t all be as nice a person as Billy Madison.

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