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Surprise! More to Come from The Roses and “Schitt’s Creek”

Though a slow burn for the now hit show and pop culture phenomenon, once “Schitt’s Creek” hit the mainstream, it set the world ablaze and never looked back. By far one of the funniest and most rewatchable shows today, “Schitt’s Creek” left television with a beautiful season finale send off for Johnny, Moira, Alexis, and David Rose.

Though the show ended in April of 2020 after 6 seasons, many fans have already been asking about the reunion, seemingly unable to get enough of the riches to rags family and quirky little town. While it is way to soon to demand the cast return once again to the town they couldn’t wait to leave and it’s best to let the finale continue to marinate for a few years, Dan Levy is stepping up to give us a little bit more “Schitt’s Creek” to tide us over.


That’s right. Show creator/writer/star Dan and Eugene Levy have written a book about the creation and heart of the show, packed with character profiles, creator mindsets and extended commentary about some of the shows best moments. Aptly titled “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt’s Creek,” fans can get a little bit more of the beloved town and get wonderful behind the scenes deep dive into why we all love the town and characters so much.

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While it may not be the new episodes fans were hoping and still clamoring for, a beautiful look at the creation of show seems like a terrific addition to the “Schitt’s Creek” canon. The official announcement and first look at the hardback book can be seen below from publisher Trapeze Books:

As a diehard fan of the show and consistent binge watcher of “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix, this is the perfect gift for any fan. The book is roughly 368 pages and is said to be “lavishly illustrated…celebration of the series, the town, the characters, and the state of mind that is Schitt’s Creek.”

So sit back, enjoy the wine and not the label, and get ready for some more Schitt’s Creek soon! Pre-order the book on Amazon here. It’ll be released on October 26th, 2021.

In an unrelated note, my birthday is November 12th.

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