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Like Flares From Hell: Double Waisted Jeans Exist

Now I don’t know about you but when I was a teen I loved the look of Flares. They were comfortable and stylish. Eventually that branched out into liking JNCO’s but we all make mistakes. And these pants I’m about to show you would qualify as just that. A mistake.

Marrknull Official likes to play around with jeans. It seems from their posts that they like to take something old and make it new again. Many of their creations have a jean jacket hanging off the waist of pants. And then….there’s this.

Something that looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Since the double waisted jeans are connected at the bottom, it seems like a major tripping hazard. And what’s the appeal? If you have too much to eat one day you can wear them upside down? I’m confused on the functionality of them. Also like, how are you supposed to ride a bike.

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Now I’m all for fashion but to me it would have to be functional. Or if you’re going to wear it and not move around it would just make sense to be more I don’t know.. fancy? Like a dress? But even then you can still dance in them.

You can check out Marrknull’s other creations by following them on Instagram.

Seriously though, who thought these were a good idea?

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