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Olympic Shot Putter Raven Saunders Shows Off Joker Mask

Raven Saunders has consistently been one of the coolest athletes to watch this Olympics. Most recently she had on a very recognizable smile from one of our favorite franchises. She was wearing a mask of The Joker’s smile. That’s right, the famous bad guy from “Batman” that loves to explain in every which way possible how he got those scars. In addition to wearing the mask Saunders had also dyed her hair half green and half purple showing off classic Joker colors.

Saunders attributes the mask partially to being serious. “Why so serious?” you ask? Well that’s because when she’s out there on the field she’s in full competition mode. She said this was because everyone’s always talking and laughing and it’s not really her bag.

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“One of my things is like, everyone during the shot put, and I don’t know why, people are always smiling and talking. That’s not really me,” Saunders explained. “This is my way of like, being friendly I guess?”

In the event she ended up throwing 19.22 meters which is just over 63 feet. She’s now earned herself a spot in the Sunday showdown and says if she wins a top prize we’re in for even more of a treat. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do because I love cosplay and it seems like she really knows what she’s doing.

About a month ago a video was put up on YouTube of her and Jessica Ramsey topping Michelle Carter‘s U.S. Trials shot put record, throwing 20.12m and 19.96m – second- and third-best in the world. In the video she can be seen wearing a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” mask. Not just any mask, but one of our favorites.. Raph.

I may not have a lot to say about sports in general, but I’ve been loving keeping up with her curious costumes over the year. Let’s hope she does make it to the grand stage because we’ll all be in for a major treat.

She’s not the only one dressing up for the Tokyo Olympics either. Recently a sports presenter also dressed up as Jiraiya from “Naruto.” I have to say that this Olympics they’ve successfully gotten a lot of nerds who aren’t interested in sports to watch. Just so we can catch a glimpse of cool cameos like these.

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