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Real Life Patrick and SpongeBob Spotted In The Wild!

It’s really cool when you see two of your favorite characters show up in the wild. Christopher Mah and a team of researchers from NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer ship found a REAL LIFE pairing of Patrick and SpongeBob!

They look adorable sitting next to each other just hanging out. But unfortunately if you follow the twitter comments you’ll find they were together for a very ominous reason.

Hertwigia (sponge) and Chondraster (starfish) generally only show up together for one reason. And that’s because the starfish is about to munch on that sponge. It’s dinner time for the starfish and the sponge has no where to run. That’s because this version of SpongeBob lacks the legs, and the square pants.

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What do sponge’s eat you ask? There’s an easy answer and you probably already know. Krabby Patties of course! Of course if you want to get technical they eat whatever the ocean brings their way. They’re not picky and can digest large particles and tiny organisms for sustenance.

Well regardless of the real reason it’s still nice to see that maybe “SpongeBob Squarepants” was based off of reality just a tiny bit. We’re almost certain that someday we’ll find that pineapple in the sea. And when we do Sandy’s terrarium won’t be far off.

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