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Season 2 “Demon Slayer” Episodes Will Cover The Entertainment District Arc

If you’ve been keeping up with “Demon Slayer” you’ve already seen “Mugen Train.” What fans have really been wanting since the end of season one of the show and the movie is more news about season 2. Funimation has stated that they will be airing more “Demon Slayer” episodes in 2021! That’s right our patient waiting has paid off and we’re going to get more of Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu!

The arc they are starting out with will feature the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui in the “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc.” The arc runs after the Mugen Train one in the manga up to volume 12. It’s about the team venturing into the entertainment district and meeting up with some of Muzan’s fiercest underlings.

Funimation is confirmed to stream Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc in its English-speaking territories, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The animation again will be by UFO Table so we know it’s going to look amazing.

So far there is no hard premiere date but they are saying 2021 so we’re hoping that means the Fall anime season.

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba premiered in 2019 and is based on Koyoharu Gotoge‘s manga, which boasts over 150 million copies in circulation in Japan. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is an action-packed, thrilling tale of a young man in search of a cure for his sister, who has been turned into a demon after their family is viciously slaughtered by demons. 

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