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Water Balloon Game Will Have You Totally Cooled Off This Summer

There’s a new party game going around on TikTok, and it’s going to get you wet! It’s called the Water Balloon Game and from what we can tell, it was MAYBE invented by TikToker BepSharper. The challenge is that you all sit facing either away or towards each other, blindfolded, and one person sets the balloon in motion. Your job is to try to avoid it by moving around, but since you can’t see- that’s going to be impossible to do for long.

There’s also this version where the blindfolded person walks through a barrage of balloons which you can either let go or basically throw at the person. Let’s face it, this summer it’s hot outside and this game would make for a great time.

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I think this game is extra fun because you never know when you’re going to get hit. The excitement of not knowing couples with the water factor and seems awesome. Of course, I’m one of those people where if I think you’re going to tickle me I start laughing. I would totally be a nervous mess if I thought a water balloon was coming at me. It would be fun but I would be anxious about it. And what is anxiety but another form of excitement?

Want to take this a step up? I have the idea that you could set these filled water balloons on fan blades and then turn the fan on. Now when I was a kid I thought it was hilarious to make the beanie babies fly off the fan. This however would probably create rain. Hopefully they would fly off in different directions but knowing my luck the fan blade would pop them before they could randomly hit someone.

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