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Woman Befriends Wingless Bee, Develops True Emotional Bond

Let’s start this out with an “I was not expecting to cry at this.” This is the story of a very sweet bond that developed between Fiona Presly from Inverness, UK and a little wingless bee. She found this bee in the garden, and let her up on her hand when she realized that the bee had no wings. Thinking to herself on how this little bee would manage she decided to take her inside and care for her.

Presly would give the bee sugar water, and bring her favorite flowers to eat the pollen from. It’s an amazing thing that a human would go to such great lengths to ensure a bee with no wings would have a good quality of life. When talking about if the bee had an emotional bond back with her Fiona says she’s certain it did. They had created a very special type of friendship.

The Dodo put out an entire video documentary on the special connection. The video is from 2018, but it’s an amazing story that if you haven’t seen, you’ll definitely want to.

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The sad part is that the bee did pass. But the happy thing is that the quality of life that the bee had was drastically improved because Presly did take her in. A early bumblebee (Bombus pratorum) which is what we think the bee is lives about 28 days at most. To know that she made such an impact on this bees life is really sweet. Now please excuse me while I give my little Monarch butterfly friend some attention out front.

Please be kind to our insect friends. They’re here for a reason!

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