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Our Top 10 Picks of Who Wielded Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir

Since Thor’s debut in Marvel Comics Journey Into Mystery #83 released in August of 1962, many have picked up the mighty Mjolnir and fulfilled the description on the hammer “Whosoever holds this hammer if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

So, let’s look at my top 10 worthy to hold the power.

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Note: Thor is not on this list, because we already know he possesses the power.

10. Beta Ray Bill

In 1983, the new artist for “Thor” wanted to do something big for the comic, so he introduced the world to a new character worthy to wield the God of Thunder’s hammer. This new character he wanted to look different from any other, wanted him to be seen as not worthy although he is, noting the old “don’t judge a book by its cover” axiom.

So he made Beta Ray Bill, who was searching the universe with his people, to find a new home. He got too close to Earth, resulting in S.H.I.E.L.D. attacking them. Bill could not allow that to happen, so he traveled to Earth and whilst there battled Thor. In the ensuing battle, Bill picked up Mjolnir and was instantly turned into a Thor-ized version of himself. Odin ordered that Bill and Thor fight each other over the right to wield the hammer as their own. It ended in a tie, so Odin made bill his own hammer, Stormbreaker (Not to be confused with Thor’s axe in the MCU).

9. Vision

Paul Bettany, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Disney / Marvel Studios

Many of you may argue as to why Vision in the MCU is able to wield Mjolnir. Is it because he himself is truly worthy, or is it because he is a synthezoid? Here’s my take; I believe he is worthy, but also because Thor used his powers to bring Vision to life, imbuing him with some of that worthiness.

Nevertheless, Vision, with all reasoning, should be on this list. But what do you think? In your mind, why do you think Vision can wield the hammer?

8. Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Chris Evans “Avengers: Endgame” Disney / Marvel Studios

We all remember that scene in “Avengers: Endgame” when the big three- Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America- are fighting Thanos. Thor is getting stomped by The Jacked Grimace. Then, we see Mjolnir lift and fly, thinking that Thor himself is calling for the hammer. But plot twist, the hammer flies into Cap’s outstretched hands, and we felt so much raw emotion flood through us, because all this man had been through, we knew he was worthy. [Remember this video from premiere night with the audience’s reaction? Still the best thing!]

But did you know that was not the first time that he lifted the hammer? Back in the comics in the late 80s, the Captain (as we knew him, having the Captain America title stripped) battled alongside Thor. When Thor had been separated from his hammer, the Captain picked it up and used it to beat some attackers before giving it back to Thor.

Steve wields Mjolnir about 5 times in the comics, each on unique events.

7. Thunderstrike

Marvel wanted to introduce another character into the Thor lore, so they decided they would create architect Eric Masterson, a single father who was dying, but thanks to Thor merging with Masterson, he would live on, but as a dual entity much like Don Blake/Thor had back in the day.

After a while, though, Thor was banished for his decision to kill Loki. Eric now had his body back to himself. Or so he thought, because when he struck the walking stick he possessed in anger over what happened with Thor, it transformed him into Thor. While Thor was banished, Masterson took over the role with distinction. When Thor returned, Odin gave Eric an enchanted mace, and he became Thunderstrike. He later perished battling one of Thor’s enemies.

6. Wonder Woman

Back in 1996 (seems like a lifetime ago), DC Comics and Marvel put together a crossover event pitting heroes from both universes against each other. Fans were even able to vote on who would win each fight (creating some odd results, like Lobo, who fought Superman, losing to Wolverine, who was once defeated by the Wasp). Storm took on Wonder Woman, while Thor fought Captain Marvel (SHAZAM after legal issues).

Thor beat Shazam through the use of Mjolnir to direct the magic lighting from hitting Billy Batson and turning him into the Big Red. The victory was marred because Mjolnir was transported to the other world, where Wonder Woman found it. The hammer deemed her worthy, and she became a Thor-ized version of herself. But, being the noble woman she is, discarded the hammer because she thought it was unfair to use it to fight Storm. Storm quickly won.

5. Superman

Years later, DC and Marvel once again met up and dished out some more cross over craziness. In “JLA/Avengers”, after both universes fought against one another, time fluctuated to where they thought they had known each other for years and have teamed up. The JLA and the Avengers had to team up to take down the insane god known as Krona.

In the ultimate battle against the god, each member of the JLA and Avengers fell one by one, until Superman was the last one standing. So Thor loaned Superman his hammer. But Thor asked Odin to lift the “worthiness” enchantment from the hammer, so we may never know if Superman would have been able to lift it on his own. What do you guys think? Is Superman worthy? Let us know what you think.

4. Awesome Andy

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking, another artificial being on this list, but hey, it’s Awesome Andy. The Mad Thinker created the Awesome Android based on a combination of Mister Fantastic’s molecules and an average ape, so the android was malleable enough to mimic other heroes powers while being super strong. It had served as the Thinker’s enforcer for many years as they fought close to every Marvel superhero in existence.

Over time, Awesome Android gained sentience thanks to the Thinker giving him the ability to absorb regular abilities such as musical talent. When he took Mjolnir away from Thor, Thor had convinced him he stole his “worthiness.” Therefore, he took leave of the Thinker and got itself emancipated and declared a male, along with the new name of Awesome Andy. It started working at a law firm, but this didn’t pan out because sentient life did not work out for him.

3. Storm

In an epic crossover event between the New Mutants and the X-Men, Storm and the New Mutants ended up on Asgard, where each mutant adapted to life in alternative ways. Loki, being the trickster that he is, seduced Storm into believing she can take over for Thor. Loki created a fake Mjolnir (called Stormcaster) and gave it to her (who had lost her weather-controlling powers, so Stormcaster could mimic her weather abilities). She broke free from Loki some time later and gave up the fake Mjolnir.

But the question remained. Was Storm worthy of wielding the hammer or not? Later on, this issue was brought up again. Thor gave Stormcaster back to Storm, and she was once again transformed into her Thor-ized self once again. However, she used Mjolnir to destroy Stormcaster. It should be noted that she only did so while Thor was also holding on to it. So, the question remains, is Storm worthy?

[Editor’s note: HELL YES Storm is worthy!]

2. Loki

When it comes to wielding Mjolnir, Asgardians have a weird relationship with the hammer. Loki has handled the hammer many amounts of times over the years thanks to his mischievous ways. But the only time he ever just was worthy to wield it came under peculiar circumstances.

During a fight alongside the Avengers against the Red Skull (who merged his body with the mind of Professor X), Magneto murdered the Skull. However, that event unleashed Red Onslaught, a powerful psionic energy being. Onslaught created special Sentinels designed to beat any hero, so Magneto gathered a bunch of villains to stop the Sentinels.

Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Doom cast an “inversion” spell so that Professor X could control the Red Skull. It worked, but it turned all the heroes into villains and all the villains into heroes (a freaky Friday, but you know, with heroes and villains). While under control of the spell, Loki became worthy to wield Mjolnir. Sadly, when the spell ended, so did the worthiness of Loki.

1. Jane Foster

Jane Foster, longtime on again off again love interest of Thor. At one point Thor was going to give up his godhood for her. Over the years, they split from each other but remained good friends. When Asgard became connected to Earth, Jane became the liaison between Midgard and Asgard. A role that she maintained even after Asgard went back to its realm.

When Thor was determined to no longer be worthy of Mjolnir, the hammer became stuck on the moon. With that, the inscription on the hammer changed to “if she be worthy,” right before Jane picked up the hammer and transformed into the new Thor. Sadly, Jane was battling cancer, and each time she transformed into Thor, the hammer would negate the effects of her chemotherapy. But it did not stop Jane from doing what had to be done, in one final move to defeat the monster known as Mangog and to save Asgard, Jane transformed into Thor one last time knowing it would be her last and with a final goodbye to the original Thor leapt into the sun carrying Mangog to its death.

I did not put Jane at my number one spot because of her being Thor’s love interest. Instead I put her there because out of everyone on here, she is the most worthy to wear the mantle of Thor thanks to the sacrifices she made with her own life.

[Editor’s note: This is one of the MANY reasons we’re so excited for “Thor Love and Thunder,” as we know this storyline is happening! We can’t wait to see Natalie Portman with the power!]

Honorable Mentions

Disney, Marvel Studios

Now we can’t forget about all the other worthy contenders of the hammer, so here are our honorable mentions: Squirrel Girl, Hulk, Odin, Valkyrie, Zeus, and of course, the coat rack (perhaps the most worthy of them all?)

Who is your favorite wielder of Mjolnir? Were they on this list? Let us know what you think.

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