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Watch: Two Bees Manage to Open Orange Soda Bottle!

As much as I know that the comments on this post will be stuff like “slow news day?” I still wanna write about it. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Two bees working together to take the cap off a bottle of soda. The post was shared on Twitter, and quickly went viral. The post was so viral in fact that ViralHog on YouTube quickly bought the video and I had to update this article.. doh!

Now I know that for a lot of people bees are scary. But it’s not bees you need to worry about it’s those a**hole hornets and wasps. They will just sting you because they’re in a bad mood. Bees are more like flying puppies.

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Just a friendly reminder that with Summer coming bees will become more exhausted and overheat so if you see one on the ground try and give it a drop of water so they don’t dehydrate. Be friendly to our little bees.

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