Have a Very Merry UnBirthday With “Alice In Wonderland” Tea Set

It’s not often that I ooh and ahh over something like a tea set. This one just happened to hit all the right notes. Not only with the Disney reference, but also the subtle colors used on it. Grapee has this beautiful “Alice in Wonderland” tea set that I can’t help but want for my own, so I thought maybe others would be interested as well.

When all four pieces are together, they make this cute set. Grape Shop, located in Japan, is selling each piece individually. They do have international shipping for those of you who live elsewhere.

Each item ranges from around $40 USD to $15 USD, converted. It would make a lovely gift for anyone who is either obsessed with Disney or “Alice in Wonderland.”

Order your own tea set here.

alice in wonderlandtea set